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Windshield Mounted Cameras

Many vehicles today incorporate cameras that help manage:

  • high beam controls
  • pre-collision assist functions
  • adaptive cruise controls
  • lane departure warning systems

There are many reasons to replace your glass with the original part but this becomes even more important when a camera utilizing any of the features above is included on your vehicle. The original part designed for your vehicle has been approved by the vehicle manufacturer to work with the on-board technologies. Generic or OE-like parts may be similar in design, but because they were reverse engineered (meaning copied in simplest terms), they may vary in some of the following areas:

  • Glass transmittance (generally accepted)
  • Surface profile or glass curvature
  • Water trail issues with wiper blades that can interfere with performance
  • Proper bracket fit when reinstalling
  • Bracket type, glare shield concerns, bonding agents (critical for electronic connections of cameras)
  • Wire mat, silver paint, fine wire for heated section around camera may vary

Upon completion of an installation, the vehicle system may be required to be recalibrated. Read glassBYTEs’ article about recalibrating aftermarket and OE glass.