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Featured Employees

Tim Bryan

Director, Program Management

Tim Bryan began his impressive automotive glass career in February 2000 when working with Guardian Automotive as Program Manager, and then as an Advanced Program Development Manager. Soon after Carlex purchased Guardian Automotive, in 2014 Tim became a founding member of the Carlex Advanced Product Development team where he served as a Manager.

After several successful years in that role, Tim was promoted to his current position as Director, Program Management in May 2018.  Tim’s vast knowledge and professionalism is noted by all who work with him.  As a key leader in the organization, Tim has mentored several employees, including those who are new to the automotive glass industry.  He has the unique ability to translate highly technical terminology into approachable and understandable information.

He embodies what is meant as a ‘trusted advisor’ and those who are fortunate to spend time working with Tim have been able to learn from his example and utilize this approach with all our valued customers.  Tim is making a significant difference in the positive things that are happening at Carlex.

Mike Staten

Engineering Process Technician, Auburn Glass Plant / Auburn, Indiana

In June of 1991, Mike launched his career in automotive glass with Guardian Industries where he began in production and later transitioned to an Engineering Process Technician.  Mike was quickly recognized as the ‘go-to’ person for all things related to cutting, breakout, grinding and painting.  Since the beginning, Mike has been loyal and dedicated not only to the team in Auburn, Indiana, but to the entire Carlex family.

He rises to every challenge and is quick to lend a helping hand, both internally and externally.  Mike has mentored every one of our cutting/painting operators, no matter which shift or time of day.  With everything that Mike does, our employees’ safety is the top priority.  Teamwork and excellence are never optional, these are the rules by which he performs.

Mike is the definition of a servant leader; he puts people first, he is a skilled communicator, a compassionate collaborator, a system thinker and maintains moral authority – Mike leads by serving others.


Published:  June 20, 2019

David Vega

Process Laminating Department, Carlex Grevenmacher/Luxembourg

We are very pleased to announce that David Montoya Vega, has been recognized by Central Glass and has received the Gold Prize of the “Excellent Job Annual Awards” in the category of Best Cost Downfor one of his projects.

With his awarded project, David has made a significant contribution to better understanding processes which include the application of new technologies and their positive impact to increasing quality.

Born in Colombia, David later moved to France to complete his bachelor’s degree focusing on Mechanical and Production Engineering. He joined Carlex in 2013 as an intern during which he developed his master thesis in logistics and industrial management, while also leading a lean manufacturing project.

After having successfully completed his studies, he began as a Process Engineer on the bending process within the laminating department. Since early in his employment, David has consistently exhibited an impressive technical knowledge combined with an outstanding work ethic.

As native Colombian, David contributes to the rich and diverse culture present in the Carlex Grevenmacher plant, where an inclusive mix of employee origins and languages contribute to the vibrancy of our organization.

We sincerely thank David for his great commitment and wish him all the best for his future projects at Carlex.

Lynda Hogue

Director of Distribution, Aftermarket Replacement Glass / Lebanon, TN

We are so very pleased to announce that Lynda Hogue, our Director of Distribution, Aftermarket Replacement Glass, has been recognized for both her professionalism and environmental stewardship. Lynda was inducted into the Environmental Leader 75 list of Elite Executives for 2017 because of her strong corporate sustainability stewardship and work with a local Gasification Initiative to prevent wood waste (pallets) from being sent to landfills, keeping the environment cleaner for everyone.

Lynda was also recognized as Delta Nu Alpha’s Transportation Professional of the Year for 2018. She has always been a trusted partner among top Logistics professionals with extensive knowledge of logistics, distribution and transportation. She stays current on industry trends, ensuing our compliance with laws and regulations and is most generous of her knowledge to those that she is surrounded by. She has also been a long time supportive member of Delta Nu Alpha. She has served in a much more important capacity than just top tier logistical management by taking a more direct approach to mentor many individuals who have gained advantageous positions because of the wisdom she has so freely given away over the many years of service to the transportation industry..


Published:  June 8, 2018

Abel Kazeneza

Manufacturing Technology Engineer, Vonore Glass Plant / Vonore, TN

As a Manufacturing Technology engineer, I’m challenged each day as my team and I work to improve the great work we do at Carlex. After joining the Carlex team in 2005 as a process engineer, I was given the opportunity to advance my career through a variety of roles in the Engineering department, including the chance to travel to Japan and work with Central Glass, our parent company.

I enjoy working at Carlex because every employee takes the initiative to do what it takes to see the company succeed. We all bring different ideas to the table, and I love seeing solutions come together through our employee teams.


Published:  December 26, 2017

Tyler Lovell

LEAN Manufacturing Manager, Nashville Glass Plant / Nashville, TN

Carlex has given me an opportunity to grow professionally in LEAN manufacturing since I graduated Tennessee Tech University in 2013. They have provided exceptional developmental experiences, including a three month Engineering exchange with our parent company, Central Glass, in Japan. Thanks to those experiences I have been able to advance rapidly within the organization


Published:  July 12, 2017