Highly trained specialists make sure the glass we make meets your exact specifications.

Our experts oversee the manufacturing process from conception to launch, armed with the most sophisticated Carlex-developed computer-aided engineering tools available. And our program management experts provide seamless communication between the customer and manufacturing departments for a cohesive concept-to-launch process.

We support a broad range of CAD systems to meet OEM needs.

Technical Services Include:

  • In-house compliance testing for worldwide certification requirements, including ECE, ANSI, CCC, and GCC
  • Vehicle system testing
  • Product-design testing, including thermal cycling, vibration, chemical attack, fatigue, environmental and test-to-failure
  • Vehicle on-glass antennae system development and validation in an on-site anechoic chamber


Automated processes allow for faster production times while maintaining quality.

We use multiple production processes, allowing us to select the best manufacturing process for products. From the high-speed tempering of body glass to the press bending of complex bend laminated windshields, we can accommodate nearly all industry standard requirements with the ability to rapidly expand if needed. Our production lines feature the latest manufacturing technology to ensure we’re meeting all specifications.