Carlex Announces VistaClear Pro


Carlex partners with Teflon™ brand to introduce VistaClear Pro™

Professional-grade VistaClear Pro hits aftermarket as long-lasting, all-weather glass treatment
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Oct. 3, 2017) – In partnership with the Teflon™ brand, Carlex Glass America, LLC a premier global Tier 1 supplier of original equipment and automotive replacement glass, today announced the launch of VistaClear Pro™.

VistaClear Pro™ glass treatment with Teflon™ brand protection is a professional-grade, all-weather glass treatment that can be used for automotive windshields and more. It can withstand and repel rain and road grime for up to a full year with one application.

“At Carlex, we are constantly innovating our products to improve the performance and the quality of our windshields – even after installation,” said Gonzalo Reyes, Vice President of Aftermarket Replacement Glass at Carlex. “We fabricate automotive glass to the highest standards in the industry and are very excited to bring our customers a new product with advanced technology for their windshields to improve visibility, day or night.”

VistaClear Pro with Teflon™ brand protection features state-of-the-art nanotechnology that turns automotive windshields into a long-lasting repellent surface. Once applied, the colorless, all-weather repellent works for up to 12 months, lasting longer than similar products to save time and money.

“With  ever-evolving automotive technology, Carlex wants to give our customers the best option in a glass treatment,” Reyes added. “That’s why we’re spearheading this unprecedented partnership with the Teflon™ brand – a household name consumers have known and trusted for decades for long-lasting protection and easy care.”

As a professional-grade product, VistaClear Pro must be installed at an automotive service provider. VistaClear Pro glass treatment with Teflon™ brand protection:

  • Forms a durable, clear, long-lasting, protective barrier on glass
  • Repels rain and provides easy removal of snow, ice, bugs and road grime
  • Beads rain to increase visibility during wet weather conditions
  • Makes windshields easier to clean – and keeps it cleaner, longer
  • Reduces water spots and wiper smearing from dirt and road grime
  • Lasts longer than similar products

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Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Carlex Glass America, LLC is a premier global Tier 1 supplier of original equipment and replacement glass for the Original Equipment Manufacturers automakers and aftermarket industries. Carlex is a subsidiary of Central Glass Co., Ltd., of Japan.