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VistaClear Pro

VistaClear Pro is not just another glass treatment. This industry-leading hydrophobic coating repels rain, dirt, bugs and more for up to one year with just a single application. The Teflon™ brand is a name you can trust! The Teflon™ brand non-stick technology is now available for your vehicle. The long-lasting formula helps keep windshields (and all glass) cleaner, allowing drivers better visibility in wet weather conditions, day or night.

VistaClear Pro also:

  • Lasts longer than other rain repellent products. One application lasts up to 12 months.
  • Is completely invisible and will not smear or flake
  • Makes glass surfaces easier to clean
  • Does not need to be applied regularly to maintain its repellent ability, like other coatings. Drivers will have improved visibility for longer periods, reducing the number of applications over time

Improved clarity, increased visibility

VistaClear Pro glass treatment by Carlex with Teflon™ brand protection is not just an all-weather repellent for your windshield. It’s a long-lasting glass treatment, brought to you by the Carlex and Teflon™ brands, that repels rain, snow, mud, road grime and bugs, and even improves your visibility under wet driving conditions.

With a single application, VistaClear Pro improves windshield visibility in multiple ways:

  • Forms a durable, clear, long-lasting, protective barrier on glass
  • Repels rain and provides easy removal of snow, ice, insects, dirt, road oils, road grime and more
  • Reduces wiper smearing
  • Protects against water marks
  • Keeps glass cleaner, longer