A note of thanks to all Carlex team members

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, I would personally like to thank all our team members for what you have already done to weather this crisis and to get Carlex prepared to return to fully operational.

Your dedication has made all the difference. These were the moments when your extraordinary efforts and going the extra mile really mattered. We fully recognize that while you were managing these unprecedented workplace challenges, you were also busy addressing personal and family challenges as well. We appreciate all of you for your commitment and courage.

Moving forward, it is important that we stay focused on our priorities.

The first and most critical priority is to embrace our enhanced safety and wellness initiatives that protect all our team members, customers, and visitors. We have worked tirelessly to prepare our facilities with additional sanitization equipment and safety procedures to help all of us stay healthy and avoid spreading the virus.

Second, is business continuity. We are grateful to our teams who have come together on site, both day and night, to ensure business operation continuity. We will stay focused on making improvements to manufacturing, pursuing advanced product development programs, collaborating with our supply partners, to meet the needs of our customers. And, our program and sales management teams will continue to closely monitor customer activities and we will do our utmost to support them as they too return to full operations.

Our third priority is to keep everyone informed as the situation is dynamic and we need to share useful information that we learn from state, federal and global sources regarding health and safety. We remain watchful and ready to adjust our response measures to changing circumstances and will continue to communicate these changes as they become known.

As I reflect on our mission, vision and values, I am proud of all our team members and grateful for our shared commitment to each other, our customers, and communities.

Together, we will overcome this. Together we are “One Carlex.”

Don Michelotti
President & COO


Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Carlex Glass America, LLC is a premier global Tier 1 supplier of original equipment and replacement glass for the Original Equipment Manufacturers automakers and aftermarket industries. Carlex is a subsidiary of Central Glass Co., Ltd., of Japan.