Carlex – COVID-19 Update

Carlex continues to monitor and adapt our businesses in response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus); we want to share an update of our on-going activities that will ensure that we expand our operational momentum.

We continue to be guided by the advice of state and federal public health authorities, and by adopting many of the guidelines set forth by our customers as we launch enterprise-wide protective measures to help minimize and prevent the spread of COVID-19. In preparation for our on-site return, we have installed more equipment for sanitization, frequent handwashing and wellness monitoring. Many of our teams have started to receive training on new policies and procedures to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for everyone.

For our US team members, please be sure to check your personal email to review information from human resources on next steps for returning to work on site. In our Grevenmacher facility, staff will be informed on updates via telephone. In both regions, local human resource representatives and/or supervisors can also address some of your questions or concerns, and will continue to keep all team members informed as we roll out more detailed plans in the weeks ahead.

We know that responding to this situation has required our customers to have tremendous flexibility and patience as we go about our work in new ways. Despite the effects of the coronavirus and current economic turmoil, Carlex remains a dedicated, top-tier organization firmly committed to the health and safety of its team members, customers and the population at large.

This year will surely go down in history, not just for the pandemic, but for the many ways in which people have chosen to stand together, join forces and overcome these challenges. We are deeply appreciative of those who have demonstrated many acts of courage and kindness, especially medical professionals around the world.

We are also grateful to our team members that have shown great resilience and fortitude — standing together as ‘One Carlex’.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support.


Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Carlex Glass America, LLC is a premier global Tier 1 supplier of original equipment and replacement glass for the Original Equipment Manufacturers automakers and aftermarket industries. Carlex is a subsidiary of Central Glass Co., Ltd., of Japan.